The survival of mice after whole-body exposure to a modified fission neutron-γ field (n:γ = 1:1) was used to examine radiation protection by WR-2721, 16,16-dimethyl PGE2 (DiPGE2), and the combination of both agents. Administration of WR-2721 (453 mg/kg) increased the LD50/30 from 5.24 to 7.17 Gy (DMF = 1.37), whereas pretreatment with DiPGE2 (1.6 mg/kg) increased the LD50/30; to 5.77 Gy (dose modification factor (DMF) = 1.10). The combination of 453 mg/kg WR-2721 and 0.4 mg/kg DiPGE3 resulted in an LD50/30 of 7.33 Gy, yielding a DMF of 1.39. However, no significant difference in protection was obtained with the combination of the two agents compared to that seen with WR-2721 alone.

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