A computer model that simulates the killing of exponentially growing cells by low-dose-rate radiation is described. The model incorporates cell killing by single-hit damage and double-hit (sublethal) damage, as well as repair of sublethal damage, delay of cell cycle progression, blockage and increased sensitivity of cells in the G2 phase of the cell cycle, and cell division. Seven cellular parameters determine the rate of cell killing. Initial estimates of most of these parameters can be made from independent experiments. Parameters were obtained that gave the best fit to the data for four cell lines, using constant or variable dose rates, and using as end points either the fraction of single cells forming colonies or the total number of clonogenic cells in a mass culture. Some of the parameters were determined to be insignificant or similar for the four cell lines. The main differences between the cell lines in patterns of cell killing over a range of dose rates appeared to be determined by differences in the values of four of the parameters.

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