The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of hyperthermia on the histologic and functional response of the canine kidney, a late-responding normal tissue, to irradiation. Both kidneys were irradiated. Radiation was delivered in single doses of 0, 10, or 15 Gy. Whole-body hyperthermia was used to produce renal kidney temperatures approximating 42.0°C for 60 min. Thirty-six beagles were placed randomly in the following six treatment groups: control, whole-body hyperthermia alone, 10 Gy alone, 10 Gy + whole-body hyperthermia, 15 Gy alone, and 15 Gy + whole-body hyperthermia. Renal histologic and functional changes were assessed at 1 to 9 months after therapy. No changes were seen in glomerular filtration rate or renal tissue volumes in control or hyperthermia alone groups. Renal vascular and glomerular volumes were not affected significantly by any combination of hyperthermia and/or radiation. In all groups receiving radiation, glomercular filtration rate decreased, percentage renal tubular volume decreased, and interstitial volume increased significantly after therapy. The magnitude of these changes in the functional and histologic response of the kidney and the latent period before expression of this damage were dependent on radiation dose. However, hyperthermia did not modify expression of radiation damage in the kidney based on glomerular filtration rate and histologic quantification of renal tissue components.

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