The relationship between intracellular and extracellular pH was investigated in a murine tumor and normal tissue, prior to and following glucose injection. Isotransplants of the murine tumor FSa-II in the dorsum of the hind foot and leg muscle, were investigated in nonanesthetized mice. Extracellular pH was measured with a glass microelectrode, with a tip diameter of approximately 80 μm. Intracellular pH was evaluated by31 P- NMR spectroscopy, using a wide-bore NT-150 spectrometer operating at 60.75 MHz. Five grams per kilogram intraperitoneal glucose led to small changes in extracellular pH of muscle (-0.13 unit) measured with a microelectrode, and no change in intracellular pH measured by NMR. In contrast, tumor intracellular pH decreased by 0.34 units and tumor extracellular pH by 1.13 units. The differential effect of glucose on tumor vs normal tissue, and pronounced pH gradient which develops in tumor cells should markedly affect the intracellular:extracellular distribution of drugs which are weak acids or bases.

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