Rate coefficients in the model of cell kinetics and mortality introduced by Jones et al. (Radiat. Res. 128, 258-266, 1991) are estimated using mortality data from 27 animal experiments. Adjustments are made for the six species and three nominal classes of γ radiation represented in these studies. The model fits most of the mortality data quite well when the rate coefficient representing cellular proliferation is fitted to individual species and each of the other coefficients is given a single value across the entire data set. Results are qualitatively similar to those reported by Morris et al. (Radiat. Res. 128, 267-275, 1991) who estimated the rate coefficients from a limited number of mouse studies involving only 250 kVp X rays. As in the earlier study, estimates here lead to greater cell survival than is observed for marrow cells in the amplification division compartment.

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