Single cell suspensions of Chinese hamster lung cells were treated with hematoporphyrin derivative (HPD) and were exposed under aerobic conditions to visible light alone, X rays alone or light and X rays concurrently. Cytotoxicity was assayed using the colony formation ability of cells as the end point. The drug toxicity, phototoxicity, radiosensitization and photoradiosensitization of HPD were examined for a drug concentration of 1 μg/ml and incubation time of 24 h. In these experiments, the X-ray dose was 3 Gy and the energy fluence of visible light was$0.35\ {\rm kJ}/{\rm m}^{2}$, and both irradiations lasted for 10 min. A significant enhancement in cytotoxicity was observed when the HPD-treated cells were irradiated concurrently with light and X rays. However, no significant enhancement was observed when visible-light and X irradiations were performed sequentially with a 15-min waiting time between the two irradiations.

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