The reaction of OH radicals with baicalin was studied by pulse and gamma radiolysis in <tex-math>${\rm N}_{2}{\rm O}\text{-saturated}$</tex-math> aqueous solutions. The addition of an OH radical to baicalin produced an intermediate species that shows a maximum UV absorbance band at 420 nm and decays with a unimolecular rate constant of <tex-math>$1.25\times 10^{4}\ {\rm s}^{-1}$</tex-math> and a bimolecular rate constant of <tex-math>$6.1\times 10^{8}\ {\rm mol}^{-1}\ {\rm dm}^{3}\ {\rm s}^{-1}$</tex-math>. Four major final products were obtained by γ irradiation, and their structures were identified. Two of them (P1 and P2) are suggested to originate from the unimolecular reaction and the other two (P3 and P4) from the bimolecular reaction of the radicals.

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