We have previously noted that high endogenous expression of the protein product of the full-length RAF1 proto-oncogene is related to relative intrinsic cellular radiosensitivity in 19 human cell lines in vitro. This appeared to be unrelated to the parameters of cell kinetics. In rodent and human cell lines transfected with dominant oncogenes, including Myc and MYC, Hras and HRAS and SV40, increased radioresistance has been accompanied by increased delay in progress through the G2 phase of the cell cycle after irradiation. We have thus examined the putative relationship between RAF1 expression and postirradiation perturbation of G2 phase in six of the human cell lines for which data have been reported previously. These lines exhibit a wide range of both radiosensitivity and Raf1 protein levels as measured previously by Western blotting. We report here that the cell lines whose cells appear to exit more rapidly from G2 phase are more radiosensitive (r = 0.91, P = 0.01) and express high levels of Raf1 protein (r = -0.93, P = 0.006).

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