Hoppe, B. S., Jensen, R. B. and Kirchgessner, C.U. Complementation of the Radiosensitive M059J Cell Line.

M059J is a radiosensitive cell line established from a human glioblastoma tumor that fails to express the catalytic subunit of DNA-dependent protein kinase (DNA-PKcs, now known as PRKDC). Another cell line, M059K, established from the same tumor is radioresistant. Neither M059J nor M059K cells have been fully characterized, beyond the lack of expression of PRKDC and low expression of ATM in M059J cells. To determine whether its radiosensitive phenotype is due to a defect in the gene that encodes PRKDC, we show here that M059J cells can be complemented with the PRKDC gene by introducing a fragment of human chromosome 8 containing a copy of the human PRKDC gene. Two hybrid cell lines that retain an extra copy of PRKDC display active kinase activity and are radioresistant, demonstrating that the primary defect in M059J cells is in PRKDC. In addition, these cell lines derived from M059J cells provide us with a closer genetic match to M059J than M059K cells in studies to elucidate the function of DNA-PK.

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