Hindo, J., Hauville, C., Rémita, S., Thérond, P., Couturier, M., Jore, D. and Gardès-Albert, M. Evidence of the Formation of Different Hydroperoxides in Irradiated Gamma-Linolenate Solutions: Effect of Micelle Formation. Radiat. Res. 153, 201–207 (2000).

Peroxidation of unconjugated polyunsaturated fatty acids such as linolenic acid proceeds through a free radical chain mechanism and is accompanied by the formation of conjugated dienes such as hydroperoxides. In an investigation of radiation-induced oxidation of aqueous linolenate, we have measured two indexes of peroxidation: (1) conjugated dienes by means of absorption spectroscopy and (2) hydroperoxides by high-pressure liquid chromatography using detection of chemiluminescence. The experimental results indicate a strong effect of the concentration of linolenate on the yields of oxidized products. In addition, this work shows the quantitative production of two kinds of hydroperoxides. The ratio of these hydroperoxides is independent of the radiation dose but is dependent on the linolenate concentration. One hydroperoxide is formed predominantly below the critical micellar concentration (3 mM under our conditions), while the second is observed predominantly when micelles are formed in the aqueous medium. The influence of the composition of the medium on the nature of both hydroperoxides is discussed.

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