Ishihara, H., Tanaka, I., Furuse, M. and Tsuneoka, K. Increased Expression of Intracisternal A-Particle RNA in Regenerated Myeloid Cells after X Irradiation in C3H/He Inbred Mice.

Myeloid leukemia cells were derived from regenerated hematopoietic cells damaged by sublethal doses of X radiation in C3H/He inbred mice. We previously found that within the genome of the myeloid leukemia cells, a retrotransposon, the intracisternal A-particle (IAP) element, is integrated. Levels of IAP RNA, the source of cDNA for the integration, were analyzed quantitatively in C3H mice. Higher levels of IAP transcripts were observed in normal cells, particularly in hematopoietic cells, from C3H/He mice, than in those from C57BL/6J and STS/A mice. In the C3H/He mice, an approximately twofold increase in IAP RNA was found in the regenerated spleen and bone marrow cells at 5 days and from 12 to 90 days after whole-body X irradiation. In addition, an increased level of IAP RNA was observed in all the myeloid leukemia cells derived from C3H/He mice. This suggests that the elevated levels of IAP RNA in the regenerated hematopoietic cells after irradiation contribute to the increase in retrotransposition of IAP found in myeloid leukemia cells from C3H/He mice.

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