Sisken, J. E. and DeRemer, D. Power-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields and the Capacitative Calcium Entry System in SV40-Transformed Swiss 3T3 Cells.

The present study was designed to test the hypothesis that a 60 Hz electromagnetic field could affect the influx of calcium ions across the plasma membrane through the so-called capacitative calcium entry system. Recordings of cytosolic calcium-ion concentrations in SV40-transformed Swiss 3T3 cells were obtained in real time during exposure to magnetic fields ranging from 0.3–50 mT or to sham conditions using the calcium-sensitive photoprotein aequorin. This was done for cell populations whose capacitative entry system was activated by either bradykinin or thapsigargin under a variety of experimental conditions. No effects of the magnetic field were observed on bradykinin-induced calcium transients and, with the exception of a small but statistically significant increase observed in experiments performed at 50 mT, no effects of the fields were observed on baseline calcium levels prior to or after such transients. The magnetic fields also had no effects on the size or kinetics of any of the thapsigargin-induced calcium transients. Overall, the data fail to support the hypothesis tested in this work.

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