Nakagawa, K. and Nishio, T. Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Investigation of Sucrose Irradiated with Heavy Ions.

We investigated the potential use of sucrose to estimate linear energy transfer (LET) for heavy-ion irradiation. We also made a quantitative comparison between heavy-ion and γ irradiation in terms of spin concentration. Heavy-ion irradiation of sucrose produces stable free radicals. Based on the electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectra obtained, the stable sucrose radicals are the same among helium ions, carbon ions and γ rays. The EPR spectrum was ∼70 G wide and was composed of several hyperfine structures. The total spin concentration obtained after the heavy-ion irradiation increased linearly as the absorbed dose increased and decreased logarithmically as LET increased. Production of the spin concentration of helium ions was two times more dependent on LET than that for carbon-ion irradiation. The empirical relationships obtained imply that LET at a certain dose can be determined by the spin concentration. Furthermore, the results of γ irradiation of deuterated sucrose suggest that one of the persistent radicals is a carbon-centered radical.

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