Volume 153, Number 1 (2000), in the article “Induction of Malignant Bone Tumors in Radium-224 Patients: Risk Estimates Based on the Improved Dosimetry” by E. A. Nekolla, M. Kreisheimer, A. M. Kellerer, M. Kuse-Isingschulte, W. Gössner and H. Spiess, pages 93–103:

On page 94, the label on the ordinate of Fig. 1 is incorrect. The correct figure with its legend appears below.

On page 94, the numbers on the last line of the first column should read: (278 females, 621 males).

On page 97, Eq. (5) should read as follows:

On page 101, in Table A1, the heading of the second column should read: α × 1000 (Gy−1).

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