Hofer, M., Mazur, L., Pospíšil, M., Weiterová, L. and Znojil, V. Radioprotective Action of Extracellular Adenosine on Bone Marrow Cells in Mice Exposed to Gamma Rays as Assayed by the Micronucleus Test.

The frequency of micronucleated polychromatic erythrocytes (PCEs) in mouse bone marrow was assessed after administration of dipyridamole and/or adenosine monophosphate (AMP) to nonirradiated mice or to mice irradiated 15 min later with a sublethal dose of 6.5 Gy γ rays. In nonirradiated mice, the administration of the drugs increased the frequency of micronucleated PCEs significantly (by 108%). In contrast, in irradiated mice, the number of radiation-induced micronucleated PCEs was significantly decreased if the mice had been pretreated with dipyridamole or AMP alone (by 24% after administration of each of the compounds) and in particular after administration of the drugs in combination (by 36%).

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