Volume 153, Number 5, Part 2 (2000), in the article “Power-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields and the Capacitative Calcium Entry System in SV40-Transformed Swiss 3T3 Cells” by Jesse E. Sisken and David DeRemer, pages 699–705:

The Acknowledgments section was inadvertently omitted and should read as follows:


The authors wish to acknowledge the help of Dr. Rony Shahidain, Division of Mathematics and Science, Kentucky State University, Frankfort, for his help with our exposure system and Dr. Richard Kryscio, Department of Statistics, University of Kentucky, for his help with the statistics used in this work. This work was supported in part by EMF-RAPID grant R03 ES08878 from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, NIH.

Volume 153, Number 6 (2000), in the article “Analysis of Blood Lymphocyte Subsets in Children Living around Chernobyl Exposed Long-Term to Low Doses of Cesium-137 and Various Doses of Iodine-131” by Eugene V. Vykhovanets,...

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