Anderson, C. W. and Allalunis-Turner, M. J. Human TP53 from the Malignant Glioma-Derived Cell Lines M059J and M059K Has a Cancer-Associated Mutation in Exon 8.

The protein coding segment of the TP53 genes from the glioma-derived cell lines M059J and M059K was sequenced. The sequences from both cell lines were identical over 5039 bp, including the gene segment containing exons 2 through 9, exon 10, and the proximal segment of exon 11. In both cells, the first nucleotide of codon 286 (GAA, Glu) is changed to an A (AAA, Lys). Comparison with the same TP53 segment from the A549 human lung carcinoma cell line revealed several differences in intron sequence.

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