Volume 152, Number 6, Supplement (1999), in the article “The German Thorotrast Study: Recent Results and Assessment of Risks” by Gerhard van Kaick, Andreas Dalheimer, Sakiko Hornik, Alexander Kaul, Dagmar Liebermann, Hertha Lührs, Andreas Spiethoff, Kurt Wegener and H. Wesch, FPAGE S64–S71:

On page S66, in Table 3, the risk ratio for liver cancer for Thorotrast/controls is 129.0, not 12.9.

Volume 154, Number 3 (2000), in the article “Toxicity of DNA-Incorporated Iodine-125: Quantifying the Direct and Indirect Effects” by M. A. Walicka, Y. Ding, S. J. Adelstein and A. I. Kassis, FPAGE 326–330:

On page 328, the label on the abscissa of Fig. 4 is incorrect. The correct figure with its legend appears below.

Volume 154, Number 4 (2000), in the article “Targeting Apoptosis by Hydroxymethylacylfulvene in Combination with Gamma Radiation in Prostate Tumor Cells” by Barbara A. Woynarowska, Kari Roberts, Jan M. Woynarowski,...

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