De Angelis, G., Caldora, M., Santaquilani, M., Scipione, R. and Verdecchia, A. Health Risks from Radiation Exposure for Civilian Aviation Flight Personnel: A Study of Italian Airline Crew Members. Radiat. Res. 156, 689–694 (2001).

A study of the effects of exposures of civilian aviation flight personnel to atmospheric ionizing radiation (including high-energy neutrons) is being performed. The results of previous studies and of the criteria required for a more satisfactory outcome in future studies are presented, along with a description of the protocol for the Italian national study. A description of the cohort is given in terms of its size, composition and member eligibility. The various ways of determining the exposure and the health status of past and current aircrew members are discussed, and follow-up procedures are described. An overview of the data management and processing philosophy adopted in the Italian study is given with regard to flight routes, radiation dose evaluation along the flight paths, and construction of exposure matrices. Other studies of potential interest are also discussed. The study is still in progress, so the results are preliminary.

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