Yasuda, H. Responses of a Direct Ion Storage Dosimeter (DIS-1) to Heavy Charged Particles. Radiat. Res. 156, 805–808 (2001).

The responses of a direct ion storage dosimeter (DIS-1) to energetic heavy charged particles were examined using 4He, 12C, 40Ar and 56Fe ion beams at the HIMAC at the National Institute of Radiological Sciences. The efficiency of the DIS-1 on the basis of absorbed dose was almost unity for the helium and carbon ions and was slightly decreased for the argon and iron ions. The linearity in the dose response and the angular independence for these heavy ions were fairly good. Although further studies are necessary, these results suggest that the DIS-1 would be a suitable passive dosimeter for measurements of absorbed dose in a field dominated by heavy charged particles such as the space environment.

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