Ina, Y. and Sakai, K. Prolongation of Life Span Associated with Immunological Modification by Chronic Low-Dose-Rate Irradiation in MRL-lpr/lpr Mice. Radiat. Res. 161, 168–173 (2004).

Chronic low-dose-rate γ irradiation at 0.35 or 1.2 mGy/h prolonged the life span of MRL-lpr/lpr mice carrying a deletion in the apoptosis-regulating Fas gene that markedly shortens life due to severe autoimmune disease. Immunological modifications as indicated by a significant increase of CD8+ T cells and a significant decrease of CD3+ CD45R/B220+ as well as CD45R/B220+ CD40+ cells were found in parallel with amelioration of total-body lymphadenopathy, splenomegaly, proteinuria, and kidney and brain syndromes.

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