Volume 161, Number 2 (2004), in the article “Measurement of DNA Damage and Apoptosis in Molt-4 Cells after In Vitro Exposure to Radiofrequency Radiation” by Graham J. Hook, Peng Zhang, I. Lagroye, Li Li, Ryuiji Higashikubo, Eduardo G. Moros, William L. Straube, William F. Pickard, Jack D. Baty and Joseph L. Roti Roti, pages 193–200:

On page 198, in the last paragraph of the text, the word “not” was omitted from the last sentence of the paragraph. The sentence should read:

“Based on the sensitivity of the C3H 10T½ cells and the lack of an increase in the level of DNA damage at SARs significantly higher than those used by Phillips et al. (5), we conclude that RF signals using a variety of modulations of the types used in cellular communication devices do not produce levels of DNA damage that can result in...

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