Yokoya, A., Takakura, K., Watanabe, R., Akamatsu, K. and Ito, T. EPR Studies of 5-Bromouracil Crystal after Irradiation with X Rays in the Bromine K-Edge Region. Radiat. Res. 162, 469–473 (2004).

Radicals induced in a single crystal of 5-bromouracil (BrUra) by synchrotron soft X rays in the bromine K-edge region (13.461–13.482 keV) were investigated using the X-band EPR method. The crystal was irradiated at three peak energies of the absorption spectrum at room temperature or at 80 K. A hydrogen abstraction radical derived from N1 of the pyrimidine ring was commonly observed for all of the energies used, though with some variation in quantity. Similar characteristics were also observed in the EPR signal for the off-K-edge low-energy (13.42 keV) and 60Co γ rays used for comparison. When irradiated at 80 K, a much larger exposure (roughly 10 times) of soft X rays was needed to obtain the same signal intensity as that observed at room temperature. EPR signals were not detectable with γ irradiation at liquid nitrogen temperature.

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