Miller, J. H., Batdorf, M. T., Lynch, D. J., Lewis, R. R. and Wilson, W. E. Microdosimetry of Electron Microbeams. Radiat. Res. 162, 474–479 (2004).

Track structures of 25, 50 and 80 keV primary electrons, simulated by the detailed-history Monte Carlo method, were analyzed for the frequency distributions of energy deposited in spheres with a diameter of 1 μm, placed in a cylindrically symmetrical array around the projected initial direction of the primary electron. The frequency mean of specific energy, the dose mean of lineal energy, and the parameters of lognormal functions fit to the dose distributions were calculated as a function of beam penetration and radial distance from the projected beam axis. Given these data, the stochastics of dose and radiation quality for micrometer-scale sites targeted by a medium-energy electron microbeam can be predicted as a function of the site's location relative to the beam entry point.

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