Lynch, D. J., Wilson, W. E., Batdorf, M. T., Sowa Resat, M. B., Kimmel, G. A. and Miller, J. H. Monte Carlo Simulation of the Spatial Distribution of Energy Deposition for an Electron Microbeam. Radiat. Res. 163, 468–472 (2005).

Dosimetry calculations characterizing the spatial variation of the energy deposited by the slowing and stopping of energetic electrons are reported and compared with experimental measurements from an electron microbeam facility. The computations involve event-by-event, detailed-histories Monte Carlo simulations of low-energy electrons interacting in water vapor. Simulations of electron tracks with starting energies from 30 to 80 keV are used to determine energy deposition distributions in thin cylindrical rings as a function of penetration and radial distance from a beam source. Experimental measurements of the spatial distribution of an electron microbeam in air show general agreement with the density-scaled simulation results for water vapor at these energies, yielding increased confidence in the predictions of Monte Carlo track-structure simulations for applications of the microbeam as a single-cell irradiator.

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