Harling, O. K., Riley, K. J., Binns, P. J., Patel, H. and Coderre, J. A. The MIT User Center for Neutron Capture Therapy Research. Radiat. Res. 164, 221–229 (2005).

Neutron capture therapy (NCT) research encompasses a wide range of preclinical and clinical studies needed to develop this promising but complex cancer treatment. Many specialized facilities and capabilities including thermal and epithermal neutron irradiation facilities, boron analysis, specialized mixed-field dosimetry, animal care facilities and protocols, cell culture laboratories, and, for human clinical studies, licenses and review board approvals are required for NCT research. Such infrastructure is essential, but much of it is not readily available within the community. This is especially true for neutron irradiation facilities, which often require significant development and capital investment too expensive to duplicate at each site performing NCT research. To meet this need, the NCT group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has established a User Center for NCT researchers that is already being accessed successfully by various groups. This paper describes the facilities, capabilities and other resources available at MIT and how the NCT research community can access them.

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