Ford, J. F., Maslowski, A. J., Redd, R. A. and Braby, L. A. Radiation Responses of Perfused Tracheal Tissue. Radiat. Res. 164, 487–492 (2005).

We are using a novel perfusion system to examine the effects of radiation on a model respiratory tissue. Tracheas taken from young adult male Fischer 344 rats are embedded in a growth factor-enriched agarose matrix that is mounted in a special apparatus designed to allow growth medium to periodically wash the epithelial surface of the lumen. A comparison of the microarray expression profiles of freshly harvested tracheas and tracheas maintained in perfusion culture for 24 h shows no significant difference except for an increase in expression of a few metabolism- and surfactant-related genes. Perfusion culture samples exposed to 4 Gy of X rays show a lower than expected increase in expression for some cell cycle- and repair-related genes.

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