Sowa, M. B., Kathmann, L. E., Holben, B. A., Thrall, B. D. and Kimmel, G. A. Low-LET Microbeam Investigation of the Track-End Dependence of Electron-Induced Damage in Normal Human Diploid Fibroblasts. Radiat. Res. 164, 677–679 (2005).

Using a pulsed electron beam, we investigated the dependence of micronucleus formation on the incident electron energy in AG01522 human diploid fibroblasts after nontargeted irradiations at 25 and 80 keV. Examining the dose response, we found that 25 keV electrons are more effective than 80 keV electrons at producing biological damage for a given dose. Our results demonstrating the induction of micronuclei as a function of incident electron energy offer direct support for the hypothesis that the electron track end is responsible for the biological damage occurring in the cell.

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