In the paper “Radiation Exposure due to Local Fallout from Soviet Atmospheric Nuclear Weapons Testing in Kazakhstan: Solid Cancer Mortality in the Semipalatinsk Historical Cohort, 1960–1999” by Susanne Bauer, Boris I. Gusev, Ludmila M. Pivina, Kazbek N. Apsalikov and Bernd Grosche, Vol. 164, No. 4, pp. 409–419, 2005:

On page 411, in Table 1, some of the numbers and percentages of men and women in the exposed and comparison groups are incorrect. The correct numbers are: Exposed group (N = 9,850): Men: 4,786 (48.6%), Women: 5,064 (51.4%). Comparison group (N = 9,604): Men: 4,662 (48.5%), Women 4,942 (51.5%).

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