Guan, J., Stewart, J., Ware, J. H., Zhou, Z., Donahue, J. J. and Kennedy, A. R. Effects of Dietary Supplements on the Space Radiation-Induced Reduction in Total Antioxidant Status in CBA Mice. Radiat. Res. 165, 373–378 (2006).

In the present study, the total antioxidant status was used as a biomarker to evaluate oxidative stress induced by proton, HZE-particle and γ radiation in CBA mice. The results demonstrated that the plasma level of TAS was significantly decreased (P < 0.05) in CBA mice after exposure to a 50-cGy dose of radiation from HZE particles or a 3-Gy dose of radiation from protons or γ rays. Diet supplementation with Bowman-Birk Inhibitor Concentrate (BBIC), l-selenomethionine (l-SeM), or a combination of N-acetyl cysteine, sodium ascorbate, co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10), α-lipoic acid, l-SeM and vitamin E succinate could partially or completely prevent the reduction in the plasma level of TAS in CBA mice exposed to proton or HZE-particle radiation. The selected antioxidant combination with or without CoQ10 has a comparable protective effect on the γ-radiation-induced drop in TAS in CBA mice. These results indicate that BBIC, l-SeM and the selected antioxidant combinations may serve as countermeasures for space radiation-induced adverse biological effects.

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