Volume 169, Number 2 (2008), in the letter “Common Sense about the Linear No-Threshold Controversy—Give the General Public a Break” by Bobby E. Leonard, pp. 245–246:

Dr. Leonard refers to the recent reaffirmation of the LNT hypothesis by the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements and cites ref. (2). However, in the reference list, ref. (2) is the BEIR VII Report of the National Research Council, which is the organization that should have been named in the text of the letter. Thomas S. Tenforde, President of the NCRP, confirmed that NCRP has not published a recent reaffirmation of the LNT hypothesis and added that the 2008 NCRP Annual Meeting was organized to provide an extensive scientific evaluation of data on low-dose and low-dose-rate radiation effects and models that are of relevance to assessing the applicability of the LNT hypothesis.


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