This spring, the Board of Editors of Radiation Research and the Radiation Research Society established a new award, the Editors' Award, to be given to a Scholar-in-Training who has published an outstanding paper in Radiation Research. The first Editors' Award was given for an outstanding paper published by a Scholar-in-Training in 2007.

The 2007 Editors' Award was given to Kurt Hafer for his paper, K. Hafer, K. S. Iwamoto, Z. Scuric and R. H. Schiestl, Adaptive response to gamma radiation in mammalian cells proficient and deficient in components of nucleotide excision repair. Radiat. Res. 168, 168–174 (2007). Kurt was nominated for this award by Keisiuki S. Iwamoto, Associate Adjunct Professor of Radiation Oncology at UCLA, and he was selected as the recipient of the award from the nominees by a subcommittee of the Board of Editors of the journal.

Kurt will receive a $1000...

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