Ross, C. D. and Fox, M. H. Multiparameter Analysis of CHO AL Mutant Populations Sorted on CD59 Expression after Gamma Irradiation. Radiat. Res. 170, 628–637 (2008).

The flow cytometry mutation assay is based on detecting mutations in the CD59 gene on human chromosome 11 in CHO AL cells with flow cytometry, but the kinetics of mutant expression and the histogram region for mutant selection have not been studied in detail. CHO AL cells were analyzed by flow cytometry for CD59 expression at various times after irradiation. The mutant fraction increased to a maximum at day 6 but decreased to near background levels by day 20. Cells were sorted from six different regions on the CD59 histograms after irradiation. The growth rate was similar for cells from all regions, and the surviving fraction was 50% of that for control cells. By 14 days the CD59 expression of cells from regions 2–5 was reduced to that of region 1. Cells were also analyzed for simultaneous expression of CD59, CD44 and CD90 (all on chromosome 11) to roughly characterize the size of the mutations. Triple mutants from the sorted populations were reduced from 41% on day 6 to 8% on day 24. We conclude that the mutant region should be increased to include cells with intermediate CD59 expression; also, the loss of CD59 mutant expression over time could be explained in part by the loss of triple mutants from the population.

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