In article “Lifetime Mortality Risk from Cancer and Circulatory Disease Predicted from the Japanese Atomic Bomb Survivor Life Span Study Data Taking Account of Dose Measurement Error” by Mark P. Little, David Pawel, Munechika Misumi, Nobuyuki Hamada, Harry M. Cullings, Richard Wakeford, Kotaro Ozasa. Vol. 194, P. 259–276, 2020. (doi 10.1667/RR15571.1)

p. 260, expression (3), (

p. 261, col. 2, para 2, last sentence, the first “from” should be removed and a full stop added after (MPL).

p. 262, Table 1, col. 2, third last row, κ1 [Sex]c should be κ1[Sex]b.

p. 262, Table 1, col. 3, last row, –0.45 (–0.85, –0.87) should be –0.45 (–0.85, –0.09).

p. 274, Supplementary Information Tables S2 and S3, (ω2ω3Dω3 – 1 + ω4) should...

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