The following compounds were produced when solutions of$\text{uracil-}{}^{14}{\rm C}$ were irradiated with X-rays: dihydrouracil, 6-hydroxy-5-hydrouracil (under nitrogen but not oxygen), isobarbituric acid, cis- and trans-glycols of uracil, alloxan, alloxantin, and dialuric acid. When uracil was treated with ascorbic$\text{acid}-{\rm FeSO}_{4}$, the results were similar in many respects to those obtained after X-irradiation except that more dihydrouracil was produced relative to the more oxidized products (glycols, etc.), as compared to the results after X-irradiation. Auto-irradiation of an aged sample of$\text{uracil-}{}^{3}{\rm H}$ also mimicked in certain respects the effect of X-irradiation on uracil. The major products identified were the cis- and trans-glycols of uracil.

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