Selected product yields following gamma irradiation of aqueous mono-, di-, and trichloroacetic acids were studied over a wide concentration range. Chloride, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and a variety of alkyl chlorides were measured from 0.2 M to saturation, and for dichloroacetic acid, the pure acid. Scavenging experiments using I2 and <tex-math>${\rm Br}_{2}$</tex-math> were carried out to confirm the identity of and measure yields for radicals of the type ·<tex-math>${\rm CH}_{2}{\rm Cl},\ \cdot {\rm CHCl}_{2}$</tex-math>, and ·<tex-math>${\rm CCl}_{3}$</tex-math>. By use of the above scavengers labeled with131 I or <tex-math>${}^{82}{\rm Br}$</tex-math>, acids formed from reaction of radicals ·<tex-math>${\rm CH}_{2}{\rm COOH},\ \cdot {\rm CHClCOOH}$</tex-math>, and ·<tex-math>${\rm CCl}_{2}{\rm COOH}$</tex-math> were measured by silicic acid chromatography. Reactions are suggested to explain the formation of these species.

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