The effects of 600 R of whole-body X-irradiation on the levels of Substance P in the central nervous system and small intestine of the rat have been investigated. Concentrations in the cortex, brain stem, spinal cord, duodenum, jejunum, and ileum were measured at 1, 6, 24 and 72 hours and at 9 months postirradiation. Significant changes occurred in concentrations as follows: an increase in spinal cord at 6 hours, and in the cortex, brain stem, and spinal cord at 24 hours; and a decrease in the brain stem, duodenum, and jejunum at 9 months. Levels were measured at 24 hours and at 9 months after partial-body irradiation, to ascertain whether the effects were direct or abscopal. Alterations were not conclusive. No changes occurred in the normal distribution with age.

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