New Zealand rabbits, fasted for 12 hours, were subjected to 500 rads of whole-body irradiation. Analysis of thymus lipids, at various time intervals following irradiation, showed a threefold increase of triglycerides at 24 hours. Fatty acid composition of the 600 × g supernatant was not affected at 24 hours after irradiation. Lipid biosynthesis from <tex-math>$\text{acetate-}1\text{-}{}^{14}{\rm C}$</tex-math> by the thymus homogenates was increased to a small extent at 4 hours following irradiation, while the radioactivity distribution into fatty acids was not considerably affected. Contrary to the above findings, fatty acid synthesis from <tex-math>$\text{acetate-}1\text{-}{}^{14}{\rm C}$</tex-math> by the liver preparations showed a decreased incorporation between the fourth and twelfth hour following irradiation. Counting of the radioactivity of the separated fatty acids suggested that the system for synthesis of short-chain fatty acids was impaired as early as 4 hours following irradiation.

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