The following substances have been identified as minor products in the gamma radiolysis of liquid cyclopentane at$3\times 10^{22}$ eV total dose: 1,4-pentadiene; 2-pentene; cyclopentadiene; 1,3-pentadiene; ethyl cyclopentane; vinyl cyclopentane; n-heptane; n-octane; propyl cyclopentane; propenyl cyclopentane or propyl cyclopentene; n-decane; pentenyl cyclopentane or n-pentyl cyclopentene; n-pentyl cyclopentane; and cyclopentyl cyclopentene. The determination of these products was by parent mass number, gas chromatographic retention times, and/or boiling points of the compounds. Ultraviolet spectroscopic studies of the radiolysis of solutions of cyclopentadiene in cyclopentane are also described.

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