The effect of aluminum phosphate gel on the absorption of radioactive strontium was studied in man under constant and controlled dietary conditions on a low calcium intake in 11 of the 13 cases. Studies previously performed in this laboratory have shown that 100 ml of this compound given immediately prior to the oral administration of${}^{85}{\rm Sr}$ decreased the absorption of radiostrontium by an average of 87%. In the present investigation, the effectiveness of aluminum phosphate gel, given 1/2 hour and 1 hour after the ingestion of radiostrontium, was studied on the absorption of this radioisotope in man. The absorption of${}^{85}{\rm Sr}$ was decreased by an average of 57% when aluminum phosphate gel was given at 1/2 hour, and by an average of 43% when this compound was given at 1 hour. Amounts of 100 ml of aluminum phosphate gel were as effective as 200 ml or 300 ml. The absorption of${}^{85}{\rm Sr}$ was decreased in all patients receiving a low calcium intake and in one patient receiving a high calcium intake. There was no decrease in${}^{85}{\rm Sr}$ absorption in a second patient maintained on a high calcium intake. The suitability of this nontoxic, well-tolerated antacid for the prevention of absorption of radioactive strontium in case of acute exposure to this radioisotope in man has been discussed.

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