Urinary 17-ketogenic steroids, 17-ketosteroids, and 17-hydroxycorticosteroids were measured in a group of Beagle dogs at various times after inhalation of${}^{90}{\rm SrCl}{}_{2}$ aerosols. In another group of dogs, urinary 17-ketogenic steroids and 17-ketosteroids were measured in dogs twenty-six months after the intravenous administration of90 Sr. Adrenocorticotrophin (ACTH) and metyrapone were used in this latter group as initiators of provocative tests, as aids in assessing adrenal and hypothamic-pituitary function. A statistically significant difference was found between sexes, where female animals excreted more 17-ketogenic steroids than male animals, and male animals excreted more 17-ketosteroids than female animals. A large amount of variability occurred among dogs and among groups. No statistically significant difference in urinary steroid levels in control dogs and dogs that had received90 Sr was noted before or after administration of ACTH or metyrapone.

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