Following irradiation with 90 krads of gamma rays from a60 Co source, roots of sweet potato were cut into thin disks, which were incubated aerobically at 30°C under high humidity. Gamma radiation significantly stimulated the peroxidase development during incubation of disks. The peroxidase development was strongly inhibited by low concentration of cycloheximide in the nonirradiated and irradiated disk tissues. Exposure to exogenous ethylene alone similarly stimulated the peroxidase development. Evidence indicated that the stimulation of peroxidase development by gamma radiation may be partly mediated through the enhanced amounts of ethylene produced in disks by gamma radiation, but it is mainly mediated by an other unknown mechanism. Neither treatment by gamma radiation nor exogenous ethylene stimulated all components of peroxidase isoenzymes in a similar manner as appeared in response to cut injury, but did stimulate 2-3 individual components among them.

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