The subcellular distribution of plutonium and59 Fe in rat liver has been studied over periods of up to 96 days following intravenous injection of one or both metals as their citrate complexes. At 1 hour after injection 40% of the total liver59 Fe and 64% of the plutonium were present in the soluble fraction (105,000g supernatant), but by 10 days the proportions in this fraction had decreased to 12 and 5%, respectively. The fall in the amounts of59 Fe and plutonium in the soluble fraction was matched by an increasing association with the formed elements of the cells. Differential centrifugation and centrifugation through a sucrose density gradient showed that the plutonium was predominantly associated with the lysosomes. Further fractionation of the soluble fraction by gel-permeation chromatography on Sephadex showed that essentially all the plutonium and59 Fe is bound to protein within 1 hour of injection. By about 3 days the major portions of both the59 Fe and the plutonium are associated with ferritin.

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