Gamma radiation affects many metabolic processes whose rates are temperature-dependent in poikilothermic organisms. Laboratory experiments were designed to test the effects of temperature,60 Co radiation, and their interactions on the survivorship of isopods-Armadillidium vulgare and Cylisticus convexus. A central composite rotatable design with dose and temperature as independent variables was used to construct three-dimensional response surfaces described by quadratic polynomial equations. Temperature treatments ranged between 12.9 and 27.1°C; radiation doses were between 8.3 and 19.7 kilorads. The response surfaces (survivorship) varied through time (from 0 to 60 days) both within and between species. Both temperature and dose became significant (P < 0.05) in the equation for isopod survival during the 60-day observation period. However, temperature effects became significant 10 to 20 days later than those of radiation dose for both species. The <tex-math>${\rm LD}_{50\text{-}30}\text{'}{\rm s}$</tex-math> for A. vulgare and C. convexus were not significantly different at 16.9 kilorads.

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