A study has been made of the γ-ray induced reactions of the peptide derivatives N-acetylglycine and glycylglycine in oxygenated solution. In these systems the OH radical is removed through reaction at the C-H position of the main-chain <tex-math>${\rm OH}+{\rm RCONHCH}_{2}{\rm R}\rightarrow {\rm RCONH}\dot{{\rm C}}{\rm HR}+{\rm H}_{2}{\rm O}$</tex-math> to yield the corresponding peroxy radical via <tex-math>${\rm O}_{2}+{\rm RCONH}\dot{{\rm C}}{\rm HR}\rightarrow {\rm RCONNCH}(\dot{{\rm O}}_{2}){\rm R}$</tex-math>. The subsequent chemistry has been examined in detail. The proposed reaction schemes account for the yields of ammonia, glyoxylic acid, formic acid and hydrogen peroxide observed in both systems.

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