Neutral aqueous solutions of nickel (II) ethylenediamine tetraacetate (N) were irradiated with x-rays both in the presence and in the absence of dissolved oxygen, and the radiolytic degradation of the metal chelate was determined. Hydrogen peroxide and formaldehyde that were produced in the system were also determined. A radiolytic mechanism has been proposed and discussed where it has been argued that the radiolytic degradation at the ligand is due to OH only. Effect of methanol and formate was also studied and the ratios of the rate constants,${\rm K}({\rm OH}+{\rm CH}_{3}{\rm OH})/{\rm K}({\rm OH}+{\rm N})$ and${\rm K}({\rm OH}+{\rm HCOO}^{-})/{\rm K}({\rm OH}+{\rm N})$ were found to be 0.32 and 1.64, respectively.

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