Theoretical calculations have been made of the secondary particle spectra for p, d, α, <tex-math>${}^{9}{\rm Be},{}^{11}{\rm B},{}^{12,13,14}{\rm C},{}^{14,16}{\rm N}$</tex-math>, and16 O produced by interactions of 1- and 14-MeV neutrons with a four-element tissue containing the elements H, C, N, O. Detailed neutron cross-section data has been used in the calculation. Both "initial" spectra of the secondary particles as produced by nuclear reactions and the "equilibrium" spectra produced by particles slowing down are determined. This work is the first step in development of a quantitative description of the "physical" stage in the action of neutron radiation on biological materials. The spectra are input information for energy deposition studies for neutron microdosimetry and for models of the biological action of neutron radiation.

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