Kinetic effects due to the solubilization of pyrene and biphenyl in aqueous surfactant solutions such as sodium dodecyl sulfate, hexadecyltrimethylammonium bromide, and polyoxyethylene (23) dodecanol have been investigated. Pulse radiolysis techniques were used to study the reactivity of the solubilized arenes with H. and <tex-math>$e_{aq}$</tex-math>, and laser photolysis techniques were developed to explore the effects of an interfacial barrier on the quenching of solubilized excited states. The reaction rates depend markedly on the nature of the micelle formed and the charge on the "probe" or reacting molecule. The data is discussed in terms of a dynamic theory of micelles in equilibrium with monomeric surfactant, and of arene dissolved in the micelle and the aqueous phase.

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