Thrombocyte-rich plasma, prepared from isogenic unirradiated mice, was intravenously transfused to irradiated mice every day during days 5-9 or 12 after irradiation. Thrombocyte-rich plasma administered after x-irradiation showed beneficial effects on survival of mice: 30 day survival increased from 42 to 100% at 708 rads, from 0 to 90% at 755 rads, and from 0 to 26% at 850 rads. No therapeutic effects were observed, however, after injection of streptomycin and penicillin, blood plasma, or thrombocyte-poor plasma which contained an equal number of erythrocytes and a higher number of leukocytes as in thrombocyte-rich plasma. There were no detectable colony-forming cells in the thrombocyte-rich plasma.

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