In order to explore the suitability of continuous3 H- TdR infusion into pregnant rats for radiotoxicity studies in the offspring, the incorporation of tritium into the developing animals has been studied by biochemical means. In the offspring, the total incorporated activity (μCi/g wet weight) and the specific activity of DNA (μCi/mg DNA) show a direct relationship to the tritium activity applied to mothers. The distribution of activity between DNA and acid soluble fraction is organ specific, but independent of the activity applied. The slopes of the regression lines for DNA specific activity are organ specific. These facts have to be taken into consideration when dose calculations are attempted. On the other hand, the direct relationship between activity applied to mothers and the incorporation into the offspring establishes the system of continuous3 H- TdR infusion into pregnant rats as a suitable model to study3 H- TdR toxicity in mammalian cells under conditions in which all cell nuclei are exposed to DNA-bound tritium.

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